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1) A term originating in the shipping industry where a heavy package flow is rammed down a chute into a trailer and it constantly jams. Using wax on the chutes helps reduce the jamming.

2) Intense sexual intercourse where the penis in rammed into a pussy or ass so tight that it gets jammed and stuck. Lubrication can help reduce the jamming.
Manager 1: Wow that trailer is really backed up?
Manager 2: Yea I know I got to ram and jam to get this trailer full before the end of the sort

Guy 1: Did you hook up with that girl last night?
Guy 2: Oh yea she was so tight!
Guy 1: Did you ram n' jam?
by SilverFox87 March 01, 2010
Another word for jizz, cum, sperm. Usually used when describing giving a girl a facial.
1: Did you hook up with that girl from the bar last night?
2: Yea I pull out and split splated all over her face
by SilverFox87 February 18, 2010

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