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Strap-on dildo for lesbians.
Allison: Did you remember to pack the external hard drive?

Kris: Yes, but I forgot the lube.
by Silver Wear March 18, 2010
A certain ex-Govorner from Alaska that has a very low IQ.
Allison: "I can't believe Sarah Palin is really the Republican hope for 2012...she is Forrest Gump in a dress!"
Kris: "You betcha!"
by Silver Wear March 20, 2010
A girl who's pussy seems to have some caloric value because every partner they have puts on weight.
Allison: "Wow! Jennifer has only been with Rebecca for two months and she looks like she's gained 25 lbs!"
Kris: "Yeah, Rebecca seems to have some high calorie pussy"
by Silver Wear March 20, 2010
When you are wearing flip flops and they make you feet make fart noises.
Allison: Oh my hell! What the fuck did you eat for lunch today?
Kris: No, it's not my ass! My flip flops are giving me foot farts!
by Silver Wear May 08, 2010
To look in a woman's purse while it's open to see what kind of things she has in there.
Allison: Your sister takes a lot of perscription drugs!
Kris: How do you know that?
Allison: I was being a purse voyeur.
by Silver Wear July 30, 2010
To ejaculate in a girl's face.
Allison: "I can't believe JJ's boyfriend email broke up with her!"
Kris: "Yeah that's worse than creaming her clock!"
by Silver Wear March 30, 2010
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