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"A strong legal stimulant that is far more practical to snort in it's pure form than ingest by drinking disgusting, gut-wrenching coffee. Snorting caffeine produces an immediate energy rush and more intense buzz than drinking"

Very true. But remember, kids... If you want to snort pure caffeine, don't even consider crushing up a No-Doz and railing it... Eww... Talk about a nasty drip.
"Man, if it wasn't for me snorting caffeine instead of having the usual cup of coffee, I'd probably have gotten fired for not showing up to work in the mornings."
by SillyJessi February 14, 2006
Larger, Bigger, More Huge, etc.
Wow, that rock is so much huge-er than the other one.
by SillyJessi February 14, 2006
Perhaps an *onomatopoetic* word for "vomit"

Sorry, man. I just bjorked in your new car.
by SillyJessi February 14, 2006

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