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A useless preverted copy of what once may have been a punk rocker, hippie, new waver, goth, reggaeton, metalhead, or any other group of persons differing from the main stream. They are one, of a largly populaur group, of rich children who apparently do not fit in with ANYONE and become the way they are as a resualt to there "horrible lives" of starbucks and nice clothing. These kids are generally found cyber crying there eyes out on myspace because some 14 year old boy who hasn't hit puberty said that they only liked them as a friend, or gathering at large masses at Hot Topic to buy the expensive band t-shirts that cost 5$ to be made, but 30$ because they were baptised as Hot Topic merch.
Punk: Hey, do you want a puff of this stoogie and then we can go chill and listen to the Clash or Hendrix or something at my place?
Scene Kid: *takes hit and blows chunks* um who's the Clash? I'd rather listen to some real music like Escape the Fate or My Chemical Romance and draw red marks on my arms so it looks like I cut myself.
by Silly Tipsy Hippie Tripster August 30, 2009

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