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An extremely challenging high school where teachers hate students because they will making more money than them in only a few short years.
If you go to simsbury high school chances are you are white, rich and you own an Iphone. Not all kids at simsbury high school are spoiled or preppy, some kids are pretty chill.
The sports at simsbury high school are very popular, especially lacrosse for boys and girls. In the fall the girls field hockey team and Volleyball teams have very good records. The football team is extrememly embarrassing but at one point in time it was actually good, we promise

On weekends most kids enjoy smoking pot or getting drunk and when i say most i mean about 90% of the students.
During the school day the only thing that happens more than painful learning is DRAMA. The hallways are like a mix between laguna beach and Jersey Shore due to the extreme amounts of girl fights.
Chick 1: I was so stoned on friday night, what did you do?
Chick 2: I hung out with Bobby at the football game
Chick 1: What? I told you i liked Bobby
Chick 2: Then why did you sleep with Jake
Chick 1: Bitch you dont know anything! (Punches her in the face)

Stoner hanging out in the hallway: Typical simsbury High School bitches.

Varsity lax bro: Woah who is that girl?
Other bro: Dude shes a freshman.

Varsity Lax bro: Its fine, ill get her drunk this weekend and try to hide it from my girlfriend
by Silly Sal February 05, 2011

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