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5 definitions by SilentlyintheShadows

Different pronunciation of the verb "love." The difference is subtle and subjective, but usually indicates a softer, more affectionate love.
I lof fluffy.
by SilentlyintheShadows September 04, 2010
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Something people make up when they can't detect sarcasm in a text, IM, Facebook message, etc.
Sorry! I didn't detect your sarcasm font.
by SilentlyintheShadows January 25, 2010
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Childish innocence, characterized by various forms of purity such as clear skin, liking vanilla ice cream, and so on.
His vanilla innocence made him his parents' favorite child.

Silly Bradley and his vanilla innocence.
by SilentlyintheShadows October 17, 2009
2 2
1. A misspelling of idk.
2. I died in Karumja.
1. U goin 2 tht prty 2nite? idkj.
2. Wat u doin in Fally? idkj.
by SilentlyintheShadows July 13, 2010
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A very loud, very low sound used in live metal performances. Because it's awesome and it makes you vibrate. It's usually triggered by the drummer.
TDWP made that breakdown about ten times cooler just with that bass drop.
by SilentlyintheShadows June 18, 2010
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