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1. (n) - a bake sale held exclusively in Guatemala, usually featuring traditionaly Guatemalan baked goods

2. (v) - to utterly destroy an opponent in verbal, physical, or electronic battle in a quick or excessively voilent manner

derived from the vigor with which Guatemalan women push their goods onto prospective consumers, and the aftermath that can result from over-zealous advertisment of said baked goods.
1. "I bought this delicious loaf of plantain bread at the Guatemalan bake sale.

2. "I've got 150 hydralisks and 100 zerglings all completely upgraded heading into your base, and they can all fly and are invisable."
"Whoa! I'm aboutta get Guatemalan bake selled (acceptable substitution = Guatemalan bake sold)"
by Silent Rip January 06, 2005
Gunhaver's call to rally the CHEAT COMMANDOS to action.
"Here comes Blue Laser! Cheat Commandos, ROCK, ROCK ON!!"
by Silent Rip November 28, 2004
(n) an over-zealous librarian
"Dude, why didn't you check out 'Of Mice and Men' for that book report today?"
"Couldn't do it, man. That fuckin fiznutch at the front desk wanted a dollar twenty five outta me in late fees so I punched her in the throat and got kicked out of the library."
"Yeah, my hand's fine now. Thanks for the concern."
by Silent Rip December 02, 2004
(adj) - being so good or pleasing to the senses that it makes one aroused and nauseaous simultaneously.
That scramdankalicious chocolate cake gave me the runs, but I was sooo hot for it.
by Silent Rip November 30, 2004
(n) - Russian Christmas, almost identical to American and European Christmas with the minor exclusion of one or more of the following (depending on the region of Russia):
1. joy
2. goodwill towards men
3. presents
4. sembelance of humanity
5. Chomskamas Trees
"Oh shit I've been slated to go to my Aunt Ivanna's house in Russia for Christmas break. I hope she doesn't make us celebrate Chomskamas."
by Silent Rip November 30, 2004
(n) - truth that is so worthless it is often mistaken for a lie
"Dude, I totally stayed up for eight days in a row my sophomore year."
"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. You can shove that worthless flingdingery straight up your ass."
by Silent Rip November 30, 2004
(n) - Russian equivalent of Santa Claus, exluding one or more of the following (depending on the region of Russia):
1. cheer
2. jollyness
3. round little belly
4. presents
5. bright colors
"Start a fire, dude!! The Chomskamas Claus is coming to the U.S. this year! Keep that shit burning ALL NIGHT if you know what's good for you! This bastard's totally hardcore!"
by Silent Rip November 30, 2004

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