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Type of blow job where the female gives head as if she was brushing her teeth.
"That felt so good. She just gave me a colgate."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006
A type of flirtation when you stare at someone in a way where your eyes stay on who your looking at, while at the same time your head turns.
"I think she likes me. She always gives me that eye stare glare practically everytime we see each other."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006
1. A female that tend to stare at you whenever they make contact with you, when at the same time they tell there friends how much she cant' stand you.

2. A female that teases other guys for fun and makes them think that they are absolutely obsessed with them.

3. A female that likes to ignore phone calls and tells friends rude stories and comments about you. Afraid to talk to your face on what there opinions are about you.

4. Amazing looking female that you think you can get with, but is almost impossible to happen.
"Watch out! looks like she's going Klaene on you."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006
Spot between females legs.
"I went to Jessica's house last night and she asked me if I wanted to go to the drive-thru."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006
1. Snore + Orgasm = Snorgasm

2. Having a dream consisting of sexual intercourse with yourself or another and letting others that are awake know.

3. Moaning in a way that sounds like you are having sexual intercourse, but your really in a deep sleep.
"Eww...gross, hear her having that snorgasm?"
by Silent Killa November 01, 2006
Go Get A Girl Pregnant
"Did you hear about John? He just went through an act of G.G.A.G.P."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006

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