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2 definitions by Sil Carbide

Adj. --an unfortunate facial asymetry resulting in one eye (usually the left eye) being located at a greater vertical distance from the chin than its counterpart, simultaneously reducing overall facial attractiveness and increasing the individual's visual creepiness.
1. The only other place I've seen the high-eye that bad is on Shannon Doherty. It's a good thing you're such a nice person.

2. I saw this chick with a smoking body and went to talk to her...it was awful; she had a terminal case of the high-eye.
by Sil Carbide May 13, 2012
Adj.--term of questionable political correctness employed to describe brown-skinned individuals of whom a geograhical point of origin cannot easily be acertained.
Jim's a good guy, but damn is he ever indeterminate brown; I never know just what I can and can't say around him.
by Sil Carbide October 22, 2011