1 definition by Siilas

USED to be the number one player on Runescape... but currently is number 11, at the time of writing. Nonetheless, people still worship, and think that he/she is their 'hero'.
I've heard reports of Zezima being surrounded by hundreds of people while in a bank, and that he/she changes his/her password everyday, and that he/she...
I dunno.
The person's just good at RS, m'kay? No need to worship someone.
Me: If I saw Zezima being followed by hundreds of people like the Falador Massacre, I'd rather log off.
If I saw her in the wildy, i'd go, "WTH, Zezima's not number one!" and log off before she could PK me.

Zezima: *logs off, changes pw, and checks the highscores*
by Siilas December 14, 2006

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