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6 definitions by Signor Dick Pic

Term for a young girl who hasn't grown any pubic hair yet.
I drove around the corner and saw a cute baldie going to school.
by Signor Dick Pic June 18, 2014
Australian slang for a female that performs most or all kinds of sexual acts.
Jeez......you know Wonnie?

She does everything.
by Signor Dick Pic February 19, 2014
An extremely intoxicated state of being caused by the excessive use of large quantities of alcohol or drugs. Having an appearance of being off your face.
Jeez. Andy reeks of beer
Yeah...... he's totally "shitfaced"
by Signor Dick Pic November 01, 2013
A sexual reference about a female that participates in sex utilising every oriface on her body.
You fucked her!? What was it like??
Mate...."she does everything".
by Signor Dick Pic November 02, 2013
When your lady just lies there like a sack of potatoes while having sex.
I fucked Regina last night. It was like shagging a corpse. She was a "dead root'.
by Signor Dick Pic November 02, 2013
Of, or relating to male-to-female transexxuals engaging in physical violence against another person(s).
"Geez.....I saw that tranny Tatianna in a punch up"
"Oh yeah....she "punches on like a bloke"
by Signor Dick Pic October 24, 2013