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6 definitions by Sig Englander

"Dumping" someone by squatting above them while they sleep and then saying "pssst". When they open their eyes, you shit on their face and say.."Yah, we're done". Or by shitting in their bed and rolling them over into it while they sleep.
She cheated on me so I gave her a brown breakup this morning!
by Sig Englander July 11, 2006
31 19
A girl with broad shoulders. Usually a thick girl with small tits. A girl that you can't wrap your arms around (not fat girl)
The girls on the basketball team are all a bunch of broadbacks
by Sig Englander July 06, 2006
43 35
A piece of cloth used to jerk off into
I accidentally stepped on my load rag when I got out of bed and it stuck to my foot!
by Sig Englander July 06, 2006
9 1
The feeling a guy gets when his woman crys after she cums hard
I fucked her so good but I was "cumfused" when she started crying after she came.
by Sig Englander July 06, 2006
9 4
A person's daily, internal clock for taking a crap.
Man...no matter where I am, at 8:15am every day, my crap clock goes off and I have to go right away. it's like clock work...
by Sig Englander July 07, 2006
4 3
The whole area around the vagina
I want to get all up in your vagarea tonight!!!
by Sig Englander July 06, 2006
3 2