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People who where indifferent socks. Ex (Stripes and Polka-dots) Or lazy asses who don't want to match there socks like a sophisticated being.
The teenage girl is bisoxual.
She needs to learn how to match her socks in a correct manner.
by Sierrasaur & Smilez < o < May 31, 2010
A term such as Bull Shit, Only nicer.

So if your in class or something, you can say and not get in a bunch of BULL SHAMEY. Or if you just want to sound ackward.

Def 2. A shamey (Small towel or Blanket)

Owned or used by a Bull.
Example 1 : This is bull shamey!

Example 2 : " I paid you back back yesterday" "Bull Shamey!"

Example 3 Damn you margert this dinner tastes like bull shamey!

Example 4 We had to get the male cow a bull shamey.
by Sierrasaur & Smilez < o < May 29, 2010
Pretending to text.
No, I'm prentexting :D
by Sierrasaur & Smilez < o < May 29, 2010
N. - Slank.

A slut and a skank put together. This is for a women who is very slutty and skanky.
Guy 1 " Damn man check out that fine girl!"

Guy 2 " Nah man I heard rumors around town that's she's a slank."

Guy 1 " I won't bother then."
by Sierrasaur & Smilez < o < May 29, 2010

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