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A very hot and extremely talented rythym guitarist and backup singer in the band My Chemical Romance which formed in his hometown Belleville,NJ. He is engaged to a woman known as Jamia Nestor soon to be Jamia Iero. He loves dogs(he has 3). He went to Catholic school and was bullied. Formerly of bands Pencey prep,I Am A Graveyard, Sector 12,and Hybrid. He has known Jamia since high school. His favorite band is The Bouncing Souls. His mom's name is Linda. He is the youngest member of MCR. He also has the most tattoos. He smokes. His birthday is October 31st,1981. He's about 5'4.all in all, he's pretty goddam cool...
Frank Iero is probobly an international guitarist sex symbol. He is untouchable.
#frank #hot #talented #music #mcr
by Sierra Sizzle bitch April 11, 2006
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