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a sometimes fatal game played between a pedestrian and an automobile. the goal is for the pedestrian to successfully cross the street at his or her own pace w/o regard for traffic flow. the pedestrian always starts the game by stepping from the curb into traffic and daring cars to either slow down or hit them. the pedestrian often shows signs of defiance, confidence, and bravado as he/she is meandering across the street.
If you want an example, just drive down the nearest road and some idiot will step off the curb and into your path. It's human nature to want to avoid hitting someone with a car so the pedestrian typically makes it across the road w/o a scratch. However, it is fun to sometimes challenge the pedestrian's athletic ability and speed up as you're approaching them. Hitting the pedestrian is not recommended but scaring the shit out of them is highly rewarding.

An exchange after a game of Curb Chicken might go like this:

Boss, "Good morning. How was the drive to work?"

Me: "Some asshole played curb chicken with me and I damn near hit him."
by Sierra Nevada November 09, 2012
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