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Immature girls aged 10-16 with sqeaky voices and stupid fashion sense. Usually travel in packs of other teeny boppers and are seen in mini skirts with tshirts that say "princess" or "i'm hot and you're not". They use the word 'like' at least 6 times in one sentence and pretend they have boyfriends to fit in. Usually flat chested, stupid girls who carry handbags over their shoulders and attend pop outings to try to look cool. Are seen with at least one pink clothing item and dont leave the house without their mobiles. People outside the teeny bopper bracket think they are the most annoying beings on earth.
"omg check out those stupid girls over there. That one's like 10 and she's saying 'like' 300 times on her mobile"
"yeah they're the new generation of teeny boppers."
by Sienna Louise July 20, 2009

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