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1 definition by Siege Troll

(Noun) A species of poultry descending from ancient Arabia. This particular fowl has the tendency to gasp for air in a loud, sob-like manner, which is actually its laugh. Though this chicken looks like many of its varieties within the same genus, it has two major differences. The Arabesque Chicken can grow the equivalent of a beard at a very young age. It also can dance in an unusual way, crossing ballet stylings with chicken-dance techniques. In recent times, it has been facing extinction because of how few exist.
Teacher: Class, today we will be learning about ox yokes.
*Arabesque Chicken walks in*
Student: Oh my gosh! An Arabesque Chicken!
Teacher: What an opportunity!
*Arabesque Chicken starts dancing. Teacher joins in. Party ensues.*
by Siege Troll December 20, 2010