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Term used to describe the hybrid country of slavic Bulgarian and Albanian racial groupings. Their most famous achievements include the theiving of the Macedonian component of Hellenic culture, the gathering of Jews for the Nazis during World War II, the mass murder of Serbs during WWI as well as the genocide of Greeks for the crime of being real Macedonians during numerous wars.
Adolf Hitler was very shocked yet impressed with the killing abilities of the Skopians.
by Sidney Worther March 27, 2008
Capital of the FYROM. The Slavic inhabitants first entered the region after the 5 century AD and currently contains a fast growing Albanian population who came into the Balkans during the Turkish occupation. The language spoken is Bulgarian dialect (falsely called "Macedonian" with NO relation to the North Western Doric Greek dialect of Greece's Macedonia famed by Alexander the Great).

Much of Skopje's history can be tied to their Bulgarian history. This includes their alliance with Adolf Hitler in WW2, thier alliance with Stalin, and their Tito communist era during the cold war.
Skopje is actively stealing Hellenic history by attempting to use the Greek term of Macedonia to link itself to the ancient Hellenic tribe and thus make false and aggressive land claims towards the Aegean sea. This steems from the communist era of thie history ruled by Tito. They renamed the YugoSLAVic Vardaska province to Macedonia to begin the process.

During WW2 Skopje's Bulgarian citizens (being a part of "Greater Bulgaria") were eager to round up all the Jews in the Balkans along with their Axis ally, Albania in order to impress Adolf Hitler. This was especially heavy in Salonica and Thrace where Jewish loses were heavy to expand the Axis Greater Bulgaria dream into Aegean Sea. The long list of Jewish victims is detailed and displayed in Holocaust museums from Israel to the USA.
During the Balkan wars of the Early 20th Century their atrocities were legendary killing hundreds of thousands of indiginous peoples such as the Greeks for the crime of being real Macedonians.
Fortunately the Allies consisting of British, Greek and Serb forces were able to stop the Genocide and quell the Skopje invaders.

The cities largest growth industry is Mosque building. A trans Albanian highway streching from Tirana to Skopje is being built. Skopje also signed military agreements with Turkey and simutaneously condems the rights of indigenous Kurds in Asia Minor.
Example 1: Hitler met in Skopje to give praise on the rounding up of Jews
Example 2: Stalin was content with Skopje's obedience with Communism
Example 3: The president FYROM flew from Skopje to Ankara to praise Turkey's smashing of the Kurdish peoples
by Sidney Worther March 29, 2008

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