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A socially acceptable reference to the acronym 'bf', also known as 'buddy fuck'; referring to an action that leads to 'fucking over' your 'buddy'. Common in military parlance. See also bf
Our LT-CMD took point, led us through a mine field and almost blue falconed the entire platoon.
by Sidmystic July 17, 2003
a demi-god worshipped around 6000 BC by the Hittites, the Mesopotamians and the Sumerians; a minion of Gozer.
"There is no Dana, only Zuul" - Ghostbusters
by Sidmystic September 26, 2003
An ancient, demonic, Sumerian god. Also known as Gozer the Gozerian; the Destructor; the Traveler; the Destroyer.
Gozer was very big in Sumeria. Big guy. - Ghostbusters
by Sidmystic September 29, 2003
n. 1. a Cretaceous fish, thought to be extinct but found living off the coast of Africa in 1938.
2. a Vietnam-era liberal, still clinging to tired old neo-Marxist canards long after everyone else has left the swamp for dry land. See Chomsky; Kerry; Gore; Jennifer Aniston.
John F. Kerry is a coelacanth on domestic and foreign policy issues.
by Sidmystic July 01, 2004
The de facto control of social and political policy by illegal aliens
The beginnigs of Mexitude can be seen at Shaw Heights Middle School where students are no longer allowed to wear anything that's patriotic, including camouflage pants, because they have become a political symbol for a version of patriotism.
by Sidmystic April 05, 2006
a general reference to firearms. However, a more correct term would be rifle or pistol. A more appropriate reference would be to the male anatomy
This is my rifle this is my gun; this one's for fighting, this one's for fun.
by Sidmystic July 29, 2003
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