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4 definitions by Sidez007

An other way to say, "your asking me too many questions."
John: Why don't you have any money? Did u spend it on McDonalds? Why didn't u bring more money? What if you need to buy somethin'?

Gretchen: Dude, calm down, "you're grillin' me like a burger!"
by Sidez007 August 12, 2008
10 0
Another way to say "having sex" or "making love."
Griz: Dude, what is that noise?!

JD: Yo, don't go in there. They are "Making Passion!"
by Sidez007 July 31, 2008
4 3
When you haven't done something in a long time...

Just like "In a minute," but it makes more sense to older people...
John: Dude, I just rode my bike around tha block.

Jenn: Whoa, I have done that "In a million."
by Sidez007 August 11, 2008
2 2
Another way to say "making love" or having "sex."
Trent: Dude, what are they doin' in there?

JD: Don't go in there man, they are Making Passion!
by Sidez007 July 18, 2008
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