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Acting excessively hyper-masculine, derived from the way that bull Elephants secrete a thick smelly liquid(or machismo) when they undergo "Musth" (or Elephant-anarchy) and berzerker-rage on anything that moves including other Elephants,Rhinos and Humans.
Meant to be used in a mocking context.
Person 1: Check out that guy with the Skoal wife-beater, puffin' his chest out and trying to look tough.
Person 2: Oozin' machismo.
#fronting #posing #frontin' #posin' #posturing
by Sidewaysusa February 21, 2009
Partially retarded, as in someone who has just enough I.Q. points to not be considered mentally retarded.
I swear, George W. Bush has a 76 I.Q., he's a par-tar.
#retarded #stupid #special #dunce #idiot #george w. bush #retard #ignoramus #dim-wit
by Sidewaysusa February 21, 2009
A shit-ton is the equal to 2000 shitloads.
We smoked a shit-ton of of bubble gum out of the 6-footer last night and everybody got crippled!
#adjective #plural: shit-tons. related words include assload #buttload #shitload #grip
by Sidewaysusa May 17, 2008
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