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The Chassis number to a 70's toyota corolla coupe.(75'-79')
This 2-door came with 1.2 ltr carbie engine, but is commonly converted to 4A-GE power! This chassis was later used to make many newer cars including the K37 (Levin) and KE47, as well as the 'Sunchaser' mod's. The 2T enigne gave the later models the power they needed to dominate rally cross and pass the early celicas on the black top.
Weighing only 800kg, the KE35 is a mean looking car with speeds to match (as long as u change the engine :P )
by Siddy May 07, 2005
The "black top" is refering to the street.
Asphalt street roads are black, hence black top.
Nigga1: "Yo dawg, u wanna take me, u gotta prove ur self on da Black Top"
Nigga2: "I take u down bitch, burn'n it all over ur face"
by Siddy May 07, 2005
Japanese for 85, "haci" is 8, and "Go" is 5. Refers to the AE85 Corolla/Levin Toyota car of the 80's. Popular for it's RWD features and drift setup. The 85 is the 1.5ltr small bro to the 1.6 twin-cam 86 (Hachiroku).
(AE85 is the chassis code)
Famous from the "Initial D" tv series and video game, this well made car is often sold for a higher then vaule price ;P
Drift_King: "Wa, ding, check my new HachiGo, wif dis me gunna boost it to HachiRohu Turbo"
Drag_King: "ROFL to ur price tag, too bad so many fag wat its shitty ass.." *Speeds off in a KE35, 1970's corolla weighing 100kg less :D
by Siddy May 07, 2005
A hairstyle made up by a young 14 year old boy in manchester UK. It has a quiff at the front and all messy at the back!!
That is one nice funkymastyler
by Siddy March 05, 2005
An Asian trying to pronounce "Mall with out Wall"
Sales_prep: "Welcome to our Morwhiouwal, fank u for comnn"
by Siddy May 07, 2005
An Asian trying to pronounce "Thank"
Chang: "Fank yoiu"
by Siddy May 07, 2005
Refer to the song, "Terminal Preppie - Dead Kennedys"
My ambition in life
Is to look good on paper
All I want is a slot
In some big corporation...

No, I'm not here to learn
I just want to get drunk
And major in business
And be taught how to fuck...

I'm a terminal terminal terminal preppie...
by Siddy October 08, 2005

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