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Acronym for "Generally Fabulous Person"

(n.) - an acronym used to describe someone (usually male) who is the perfect balance between flamboyance, showiness and stylistic panache without attracting comments that they might actually be a homo.

GFP's maybe be seen wearing (possibly studded) leather jackets, guyliner, and with a pleasurably even coverage of facial stubble.

Not to be confused with the Hipster culture, as said culture, sadly, erodes fabulousness.
Girl 1: Wow, check out the GFP at eleven o'clock!
Girl 2: I know what you mean! He's got a real Brandon Flowers/Jeremy Renner thing going on. Hope he's not gay...
by Sidders August 09, 2012
substance know as seamen excreted from the penis whilst geting it on.
That bitch took my baby fat in her mouth
by sidders May 01, 2003

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