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A Gay date. Most commonly, a gate occurs when a single woman needs a date when attending a function like a wedding, company Christmas party, or even a school dance.

Gates, are non-threatening to the woman, and usually make great companions because there are no pre-conceived ideas of the definition of the date, make great dance partners, have good etiquette, and of course dress well.

There have been many instances when the woman becomes delusional and secretly views the gate as a real date. This is known as "trying to change the lock on the gate" and has never succeeded.
Bride to Sister: Samantha, have you found someone to bring to my wedding yet?

Samantha: Actually, yes, I have. I'm bringing my friend Bryan.

Bride: Oh, could Bryan be someone special? More than just a friend?

Samantha: No, he's just a gate. Unfortunately, he doesn't play on our team, but he looks good and is fun to hang with. Plus it will prevent the family from getting their hopes up about me being the next to walk down the aisle in a white dress.
by Sidbo June 22, 2011
To be proven 100% wrong of one's theory, and then to proudly take all the credit for being proven wrong.
Lindsay started trumping, saying she was proud that she made Kaitlin come forward and prove with a DNA test that the baby was conceived by Katilin's own husband. All after claiming she had proof otherwise, spreading nasty rumors, and casting doubt saying it was another man's even though a blood test had proven otherwise.
by Sidbo April 27, 2011
When somebody looks gay in photos.
My friend Peter showed me his pics from a recent trip he took to Los Angeles with his girlfriend. Surprisingly, he looked gay in every picture. I never realized how photogaynic he is.
by Sidbo February 08, 2013
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