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Inet abbrev of Seriously.

Just seriously, nothing else. It's meant to be "srly". It's not a typo of "rly" which is really.
Srly? That's cool.

Ya rly!

No, not rly, srly, as in seriously.

Oh. Sry.
by Sid p July 16, 2008
A question to which there is no correct answer
"Was she prettier?"
"Does my ass look big in these?"
"Am I pretty?"

Cindy - "That girl he kissed, was she prettier than me?"
Sid - "Uhh...that's such a woman trap question. But no, of course not."
by Sid P April 24, 2007
Sex. It's a deliberate misspell, and like most words deliberately misspelled, it indicates humour or sarcasm in text format.
Geek1337: Hey guys. Sorry I wasn't on-line last night, I got teh sechzor.
xtr33m: Yeah...from your hand-zor!
n00bie321: Lol, pwnt!!1
by Sid P June 13, 2007
To move from the pink, to the brown, when making the sweet sweet sechzor.

Or if you'd like it a bit clearer:

To go from vaginal to anal intercourse
Man A: Dude, I tried something new with my girl last night.
Man B: Oh yeah, what's that then?
Man A: Well, I went from pink to brown.
Man B: Oh...you derailed!! Fair play matey.
by Sid P June 13, 2007
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