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Contagious disease of the lower pubic regions first discovered in Glenjamin Willybobble
Chronic insane anal pounding – with various kitchen utilities (most frequently a whisk inside a blender)
Being from Blackpool and surrounding areas
Bending over in Cemetery Junction Public Toilets with loose morals
Symptoms include:
Irrational and sustained itching of the scrotum and meatus
Constant need for sexual relief – usually resulting in chronic masturbation until pustules burst
Disgusting groinal aroma followed by an inability to follow conversation and stating the obvious and implied

Glen was happy until his crotch fell off - and sniffed that he had pubic measles
Mike was worried and horny and slightly hungry but mostly tired, so he went home
by Sid Johnson February 05, 2009
The act of forcefully crushing the facial apparatus to remove ocular and nasal concentrations of genital mucus.

The two handed culmination of a snozmakick and a scrumple, often found in association with pubic measles and the ultimate douche.
All was quiet in the library until Glenjamin Willybobble scrumpsnozmaflumped - several people died

Mike was bored and not really listening so he wandered away
by Sid Johnson May 12, 2011

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