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4 definitions by Sid Barrett

The expression used to blame someone else for something. Taken from an old Cingular commercial.
Mom: Stephy!
Girl: WU?
Mom: Your cell phone bill is what's up, all of this texting!
Mom: It is a big deal! Who are you texting 50 times a day?
Mom: Tell your BFF Jill that I'm taking away your phone.
Girl: TISNF!
Mom: Me paying this bill, that's what's S, dang F!

by Sid Barrett February 17, 2008
1. A person who edits, make changes to or proposes changes and helps maintain some sort of content.

2. The type of person who is going to publish this definition. *ahem!*
Editors are hilarious people when they ramble on about the day's politics.
by Sid Barrett June 30, 2007
Taken (well, more like stolen) from Hairspray, it's the black way of saying "fantastic"
Seaweed: These are my new friends Link Larkin, Penny Pingleton, and Tracy Turnblad.

Stacy: This is so afrotastic!
by Sid Barrett August 24, 2007
The Sex Generation Rule is unwriten law stating that when telling a dirty joke you can cross sexes or you can cross a generation but you can't cross both.
The Sex-Generation Rule has a saved a lot of people over the years from the slammer.
by Sid Barrett August 26, 2007