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96 definitions by Sid Barrett

1. A person who has never had sex for whatever reason.

2. Alcohol-free if a drink is typically served containing alcohol.
1. Finding a virgin who's a freshman in college is rare. A college grad who's a virgin is a lot rarer.

2. I got a virgin pina colada since I'm really starting to feel those real ones I had earlier.
by Sid Barrett December 12, 2009
#1: The highest card in a standard playing card deck.

#2: A song by Motörhead featured on video games such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, Guitar Hero and The Bigs. One of the biggest kick-ass songs of all time and respect the authority of the mole or "cocoa puff" as Beavis called it.
#1: In a game of Bullshit (aka BS) the Ace of Spades is always played first face up

#2: To not like Ace of Spades is like for a girl to not like chocolate.
by Sid Barrett August 10, 2007
Literature is the all-inclusive term used to describe instructions or other small-typed text found in various products in small booklets or otherwise. A classic example of "fine American literature" would be Johnson & Johnson's literature on their rectal thermometers (see below).
An example of American literature:

"Every Rectal Thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson is personally tested and then sanitized." -from literature of rectal thermometers made by Johnson and Johnson
by Sid Barrett February 02, 2008
The stress and mood swings during the week before a high school prom for any person going into or already into politics.
Being a member of the Model UN and a Girls Nation delegate, Mary wasn't having just promaramadram, she was having Obamapromaramadrama.
by Sid Barrett May 14, 2008
The Beer-Liquor Rule is a guideline for alcohol consumption that goes like this:

"Liquor before beer, nothing to fear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker."

The placement of the 2 relationships doesn't matter whether one's before the other, as several drunks have argued it as long as they rhyme you've got the idea of the Rule.
Sonia forgot the Beer-Liquor Rule on a Friday night and missed her hair appointment the next morning.
by Sid Barrett February 02, 2008
An illegal immigrant from Canada who's in the USA.
-Hey, look at all these super cheap prescriptions Raphael brought over!
-I love that dryback; he saves me so much money on happy pills!
by Sid Barrett January 04, 2009
Spew-it-knew-it theory says that students commonly retain a lot of information for an important test/exam but then mostly forget about it once they don't need to know it anymore.

Believe it or not this has actually been backed up by real research by Hermann Ebbinghaus.
Test question (short answer): What does the spew-it-knew-it theory say?

Answer: it means that once I know it I'm completely forget about it and everything else regarding the tested information.
by Sid Barrett May 11, 2009