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2 definitions by Sickhead adz1

a true showerman, "wet nig", likes to get tingz messy on the reg, wouldnt wanna get in shupz with coz tingz could get restless in the ghetz
"yooo bless up tingz nigwet, spittin any bars or laying it down propa messy 2 bare mans?"
"nah jus jammin bledda, keepin tings on lock in the hoodemz"
"sick sick, keep it steezy nigwheat"
by Sickhead adz1 January 14, 2008
8 2
niggas who like to drop bars on bare gash booty. mans would be stupes to stick gashrod in nigwheat's gash's cakeslice.
"yo nigwheat, bare mans be scattin up manz gash"
"you best not be messin!"
"nah trusss, gashrods been slicing up ur gashdems pettycash"
"manz gna get bars rapped round der face, bare regretz happenin!"
by Sickhead adz1 January 14, 2008
6 3