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When a middle aged black women takes a shit on ur face and then smears it all over ur face with a butter knife and then eats ur ears off
oh man that trophy dolphin nuggets felt so good, lets do it again next week......my parents just bought new silver wear
by sick matt December 06, 2009
When a woman sucks ur slender chode, then u proceed to cum on her cheeks and then shoot ur load all up in her grill while cooking dinner at the same time.
Wow i can believe we just Japanese toffee, and now we have this lovely steak to eat.
by Sick Matt December 06, 2009
When a girl squirts in ur face, and then u have ur neighbors cat lick it off in a circlier motion, until all of it is gone, and in order for this to work it has to be a full moon.
Gosh i cannot believe we just German Coffee cake, and were not even in germany
by Sick Matt December 06, 2009

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