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A small beach town on the central coast of the United States five miles north of Morro Bay. There is absolutely nothing to do but visit Arians. On a rare occurrence ninjas have been known to finoodle around town and then disappear into the darkness. Corporate America isn't present in Cayucos due to the ninjas. Pirates have never occupied Cayucos do to the surf ninjas that maim them.
"I heard that ninjas wiped out half the population of Cayucos the other day."

"So like,what, 50 people died?"


by Sick Masochisic Lion June 18, 2008
pronounced "hooshcal"
A girl who bears an unremarkable resemblance to an elf in a Lord of the Rings movie. Most Huskals are known for being able to spill their heart beautifully on paper(not literally, maybe actually sometimes) and are always ridiculously good looking. They are fearless and always give before taking. They are unequaled in their ability to donate.
Most Huskals are named Makayla.
Vampire # 1: I drained this Huskal last week and I STILL feel great.
Vampire # 2: No way?! Where did you find her?
Vampire # 1: Back off, man. This Huskal is mine.
by Sick Masochisic Lion June 18, 2008

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