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Someone that is a cunt to spectacular degree.
Cuntacular people think that being manipulative is the way to get ahead but being good person genuinely matters and pays off in the long run.

Wow that bitch was cuntacular, I'm gonna deck her if we ever cross paths again.
by Sich Darya September 05, 2011
being distracted by sexual activities most notably SEX.
NOT to be confused with the subtraction of sex.
The lead singer is chronically late to rehearsals because of his girlfriend & sextractions.
by Sich Darya June 13, 2011
A combination of feeling or having the impact of bliss and ecstasy.
Each time you do something thoughtful and unexpected it leaves me utter blisstasy
by Sich Darya September 05, 2011
Something adorable that brings you bliss.
This photo of us is adorabliss!
by Sich Darya September 05, 2011

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