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SLOBS or Super, Lazy, Obscene, Bastards consists of 4 people: Galloglasses, Mental Myles, Rebby, and Siccer who all live in the same house and get themselves into all sorts of crazy trouble and adventures.

Galloglasses being the serious one is a young Inquisitor who tries to keep and order in the house..rarely achieving this goal.

Mental Myles or Velentfull is a cyborg from an alternate timeline who got sent back in time and for some reason is now living with the other SLOBs, he also has a thing for Reb.

Rebby is the only female member of the SLOBs house, along with her Heartless monster Edna can only watch from the side as the guys of the house make a mess.

Siccer dubbed the Nutjob of the house by the other SLOBs is the dumbest member of the bunch, getting himself into all sorts of trouble he is disliked by the other SLOBs for this reason, Siccer got accidentally shipped to the SLOBs house in a cardboard box which he kept for some strange reason. He also has a strange fascination for pickles and sharp objects probably for his lack of personal safety.

more info to come....maybe


Myles: "*humps Rebs leg*

Rebby: "You guys make me sick!"

Siccer: "I sense a lot of stupidity in this room....where did everyone go?"
by Siccer August 05, 2007

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