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pronounced la-tee-gro, this can either be a mexican who acts black i.e. "wigger" for white people who do this- OR it could be a person who is half mexican half black. i'm not racist, but i think i may have made this term up.
The lategro didn't steal it, he is too lazy to steal.
by SiNDADDY July 08, 2010
when somebody is standing next to a pole and you smack their head into it.
"that muh fuckah redneck-POLEslapped me!"

"am i gon hafta redneck-poleslap a bitch?"

"i had to serve Kasey Jo with a redneck-poleslap for gettin all up in mah byidness too arly in the mawnin. now her face all swole and look like a lobster holdin a Marlboro."
by sindaddy March 19, 2014

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