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Xbox Customer Support is the customer "help" line for Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360.

It consists of these steps:

1. You listen to 4 minutes of a worthless automated talking machine until you finally get asked a question. At which point you reply to said question only to have this machine not understand your perfect english. After 3 minutes of constant saying the word in different tones and volumes you finally get to the next automated question.
2. Repeat step 1 for 3 more questions.
3. Get put on hold for 5 minutes. (While on hold you have to listen to the most annoying, loudest, crappiest quality songs that Microsoft could have possibly found on the internet.
4. You give a lot of information to the Customer Service Rep.
5. They ask you to repeat all of it.
6. You realize they do not speak english and are in fact from india.
7. You try to explain your problem about the Disk Drive not reading disks
8. He offers his advice by asking if you have plugged the component cables into your TV.
9. You get a migraine.
10. You hang up the phone.
11. www.google.com
Guy 1: Dude my Xbox's USB Ports don't work anymore, what do i do?

Guy 2: Have you called Xbox Customer Support?

Guy 3: WHAT? That half-assed, sorry excuse for a help line that I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with!? Call my cousin, he can fix it.
by SiAo May 19, 2009
When the hair around your ears is pressed against your head due to extended amount of time wearing a headset. More specifically, while playing halo.
"After we played Xbox Live for 2 hours I had to go to work. My manager yelled at me for having halo hair!"

See headset hair for more generalized use.
by SiAo April 30, 2009

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