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Where all the Mexicans live.Foothill & below. Above that is where the white people live which is RANCHO Cucamonga a.k.a. Alta Loma.
barrio cucamonga
by Shygirl March 21, 2004
The most PERFECT guy that there every could be <3 Hes a guy who plays Football, Basketball and Baseball. Hes an honor student, hes not afraid to be himself , hes soo funny and hes soooo cute!!! Blaze Aranzullo is THE total package, and i have NEVER seen anything as PERFECT as he <3 When you see him, your heart races and its hard to breathe. Hes the highlight of your day when you see his wonderful smile that makes you light up like the sun <3
That guy right there is a Blaze Aranzullo.
#perfect #athletic #smart #funny #hot
by ShyGirl April 26, 2012
A true homies out of Southern Cali
Shygirl: You got my back today
Giggles: of course
by Shygirl March 21, 2004
a dope azz nickname
Sup shygirl
by Shygirl March 21, 2004
Someone who is a hateror someone who is trader
Jessica is a big time ranker.
by Shygirl March 21, 2004
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