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If it Exists, there can and will be a My Little Pony of it.
Guy: Dude, check it out
Person: Yeah...What the Hell!?
Guy: Yeah that's right, Pinhead and chatter box Ponies
Person: but..but..but..
Guy: Rule 34 P
by Shwiggs Kirths April 24, 2011
The nearly complete study of inexact representations, that almost correctly identifies an Approximate Principal with in a set parameter.
Sniper(shooting a guy in the neck): not exactly the head, but still effective.

Drill Sgt.: It's an Approximanology!
by Shwiggs Kirths July 05, 2011
A person who studies Approximanology.
Dude: So what did you study?

Approximanologist: Approximanology.

Dude: That sounds horrible, did you pass?

Approximanologist: I missed the last class.
by Shwiggs Kirths July 05, 2011

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