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a nonexistent ability that people claim to have. such people believe they can "sense" a Jew. obviously this is impossible unless the Jew has the distinctive hairstyle of the Orthodox sect or is wearing a yarmulke, since Jews aren't another race and look just like everyone else.
some guy: according to my jewdar, you're Jewish.
me: yeah, and the fact that I'm wearing a star of david had nothing to do with it. shmuck.
by Shwaggy January 15, 2004
One of the two major political parties in the United States, the Democrats evolved from the more primitive Democratic-Republican party in the 1800's. party platform tends to be more liberal than Republican policy. usually pro-environment, pro-choice, and pro-rights. Also generally caters to the middle- and lower classes, instead of the wealthy.
guys, if you're gonna put up a definition, define. If you wanna bitch about how "evil" people who don't agree with you must be, rant about it in your next KKK meeting, okay?
by Shwaggy January 29, 2004

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