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As has already been said, this holiday is completely fictitious. there is no such thing, because Jewish/Christians, like Messianic Jews, really don't exist, and for a much simpler reason than heritage: you either beleive in Christ, or you don't. sorta hard to halfway that one.
If you believe Jesus is your savior, you are not half-Jewish, you are all-Christian. maybe non-denominational, but still CHristian. also, having a Jewish relative other than your mother does not make you Jewish.
by Shwaggy May 27, 2004
bastard language of Hebrew and German, used because until recently the Hebrew language was not conducive to conversation. every word is filled with untranslatable connotations, which makes it an excellent swearing language. also holds the most potent insult in the world: paskudnyak

spoken often in New York without actual knowledge of meanings. Almost always heard in combination with English.
Classic yiddish words: shlep, schmuck, klutz, mensch, bagel, and the wonderful -nik nouns (beatnik, nogoodnik...)
by Shwaggy September 06, 2004
a lamb chop that consists of a long bone with a rounded cut of meat at the end. resembles a lollipop (hence the name)
our Culinary Arts class sold lollipop chops yesterday. they were a big hit!
by Shwaggy November 13, 2003
Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
"How did you figure out the meaning of life, Joe?"
"oh, I just made a swag and got lucky."
by Shwaggy December 03, 2003
according to Piers Anthony, a ghost horse. wears a chain. (read the Xanth novels for further clarification)
Dor caught a Pooka by the chain
by Shwaggy November 13, 2003
Incredibly able president who reduced the national debt to the lowest point in decades who was attacked and nearly impeached for something that over half of all presidents did and no one gave a shit. now used as an alternative to Bush suppporters rather than actually arguing their point.
"At least Bush didn't have sex and lie about it. He may have fucked our economy and our country, but he hasn't had extramarital sex (that we know of)!"
by Shwaggy November 13, 2003
504 is the educational code for special needs students. schools are required to give such students certain forms of aid according to their level and classification, as decided by testing.
A student who is 504-severe ADHD can request notes from teachers, be given extra time for assignments, and even be exempted from assignments, depending on school policy and the student's test results.
by Shwaggy September 11, 2004

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