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15 definitions by Shumado

giving kindness or love to someone despite their wrongdoings. Unmerited favor.
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no one can boast. Eph 2:8-9
by Shumado November 29, 2009
the person whose job it is to fire or lay off fellow employees in a company. It is usually a human resources employee, doing the dirty work for the owner or president of the company. They break the news to you, get the appropriate papers signed, make sure you clean out your workspace (not taking off with any company property), and see you off the premises.

While a company hatchet man may have some input as whether or not you get the sack, they do not make the final decision. They are acting on the boss' behalf, and such responsibilities are covered by their salary. Therefore they are like a workplace hitman, getting paid to finish people off for the higher ups.
Bill wants to see me privately in the conference room.

That's never good news, he's the company's hatchet man!
by Shumado January 20, 2011
Often describing someone who finds all their value as a human being in having a romantic relationship. If they are single, they feel like a total failure and therefore will put up with all kinds of possessive, unhealthy Mr/Ms. Wrongs to bolster their own self worth.

Often seen in high school sweethearts who date all the way through college and into mid-20s. Even though annoyed and bored with each other, they still refuse to break up because they can't stand being single.
Debbie said she always knew Jason wasn't 'the one', but still dated him for 7 years. She's as co-dependent as a barnacle.
by Shumado March 31, 2014
A husband who provides constant care and attention to his emotionally needy Amazon wife. This husband is required to constantly attend her and follow her where ever she goes; even when not always appropriate.
"Who's that guy that's been sitting out in the parking lot for 3 hours?"

"Oh, that's Sally's pet husband. He's waiting for her to finish work."
by Shumado April 12, 2013
The person at the back of a long grocery line who jumps in front of everyone as a new check out lane is opened up.
Dude, he's only been waiting for like one minute. I can't believe he just jumped into that new lane.

He's a total grocery line jacker. It's not a race, buddy.
by Shumado May 12, 2011
The amount of time it takes for young inspired teachers to reach complete burnout in American public schools. This is largely due to standardized lesson plans and tests, inept administration, being worked overtime with poor pay, and students and parents who don't care.
New Teacher: "If I can just reach one student today, I will have done a good job"

6-year burnout teacher: "Jason, I'm sick of your attitude. Turn in your test and get out of my classroom!"

6-year burnout teacher: "Class, instead of having you read Julius Caesar, and me teach you about it, we are just going to watch a portion of the movie to cram for the EOG test."
by Shumado February 06, 2011
scrabble player who earns their points by adding an "s" or "d" to the end of a high scoring word belonging to another player.

or a player who blocks off certain high point letters or triple word squares, just to prevent the other players from using them.

In general, any practice by a scrabble player that is allowed by the rules, but just seems like an unfair sheist.
Player one: A M A Z E. Ha- double word score, 32 points.

Player two (adds an 's'): A M A Z E S! Double letter AND double word, 34 points.

Player one: You Scrabble Sheister!
by Shumado December 28, 2010