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Just another slang for girl or woman.
Don't call chicks broads.
by shum February 21, 2003
Kayaking: Surfing a gnarly wave with grace and style.
Dude you totally shredded that wave! Nice endo by the way!
by shum February 21, 2003
A kaying move where the front of the boat submerges causing the entire boat to stand vertically in the water.
Gnarly endo! Too bad about the face flop! That rock rash looks painful!
by shum February 21, 2003
shit-faced, loaded, hammered, pissed, wasted, intoxicated, drunk, fucked up, gone, or otherwise suffering effects of alcohol
Man, I had to be hosed to go home with that fat ho!
by shum February 21, 2003
Standford reject school.
Let's go to UC-Berkeley since Stanford hates us.
by Shum September 03, 2005

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