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3 definitions by Shugar Lips

When asking a hooker much it will cost to have kind of sex in a wheat/oat/barley field.

This usually costs more than one would think simply because being naked in a field results in massive pricks all over ones body.
Dude, I had to pay 200 bucks for a Prickley Price! It was so worth it though!
by Shugar Lips June 02, 2009
Requires a band aid, penny, and lots of thread. Stick the penny to one end of the band aid along with one end of the thread. Place the other side of the band aid onto the corner of a pesky neighbors window. bring the other end of the thread somewhere you cannot be seen and pull the string over and over. This results in a loud and awkward sounding noise on the window.
Dude, we went penny tapping last night and annoyed that bitchy old man that lives next to Lenny. He go so pissed he pulled his shotgun out and shot into the air!
by Shugar Lips June 02, 2009
Someone who thinks they are so good at life but in reality they are really douchefags who annoy the hell out of anyone they meet.
Guy 1: dude that new kid Carson is such a Stilson and needs his ass beat!
Guy 2: No kidding, lets beat that douchefag!
by Shugar Lips June 02, 2009