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The Air Force is the youngest branch of the DOD. As the name implies, the Air Force is mostly oriented with aviation. Though this is common with the other branches of the DOD, the Air Force is “special”.

Unlike other branches of the Military, the Air Force needs to be coddled and nurtured. The lack of carpet on a barracks room floor with send the average Airman into state to where he/she has to cope by succumbing to a fetal position, crying himself/herself to sleep. Not to worry, for they are paid an extra allowance for after living under such “harsh conditions” whenever they have to mingle with other branches of the Military.

The Air Force can also be defined by their Physical Readiness. Where most branches conduct PT (Physical Training) through a series of running, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, eight count body builders, etc, the Air Force simply have to ride a bicycle in order to prove their readiness for military standards. Correction; Air Force military standards.

An interesting trait about the Air Force is their lack of vocal processing. While other branches of the military sing cadence while they march, the Air Force does otherwise. Due to a default that could possibly be blamed on memory, coordination, and lack of style, the Air Force can only march to the singular sound of the word “Hut”.

Ex: “Hut…Hut…Hut…Hut…Hut…etc”

Because the Air Force is “special”, they disregard all other branches of the DOD, especially to another member of the service that outranks them. This can include the colors ceremony…the raising and lowering of our nations flag. Where the other branches of the military stand and salute Old Glory, the Air Force is allowed to casually conduct their business and pay no mind to the National Anthem that is played over a loud speaker.

The Air Force, unlike other branches, is allowed to move their families to their duty stations abroad. This allows them the comfort and stability to defend the nation. How other branches of the military go without this is still a mystery and under investigation. But, fret not, for these young Airmen and Sergeants families. They will have carpet, I assure you.
Guy 1: "I loved the cartoon G.I. Joe! That's exactly the reason I joined the Air Force!"

Guy 2: "You probably should have joined the Military instead."
by Shuckins February 12, 2008

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