3 definitions by Shuck N' Jive

One of those rare species that have a combination of Spic, Honky, Gook, and a Nigger's bloodlines put together.

Sp- from spic
Onk- from the word Honky
Gook- is just a gook
Er- from the word nigger
Your mixed with every single race I could think about. Your just a sponkgooker.
by Shuck N' Jive November 06, 2009
Came from a fishes name (micropinna microstoma). Micropinga is basically a dick so small, it can only be seen through a microscope.
Father: Why the fuck do you disgrace me with your micropingas!? This ain't apart of my blood line muthafucka! Hey, Honey!!! Have you been fucking other men!!??
by Shuck N' Jive November 06, 2009
a universal anniversary (basically a holiday)
The whole world had their 1st Universary of the survival of year 2012.
by Shuck N' Jive November 06, 2009

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