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a denizen of World of Warcraft who preys upon flagged Horde players. normally they sit shadow melded waiting for hours upon hours. they tend to corpse camp. they tend to use the most noobish attacks while shadow melded, such as stuns, mind control, or aimed shot.
Noob elf: OHO! stupid n00bzor comes too close to "lord of all"


noob elf: bur
by Shtoink September 27, 2006
a fictional place in World of Warcraft where Blizzard Games favors children and whiners over people who actually can pay for the monthly subscription and dont live in their parents basement.
Paladin: ZOMGBBQ!! that fucking shaman whooped my 13 year old ass in PvP!! *scribbles petition in green crayon to Blizzard*

(Tuesday=patch day) shaman get nerfed and paladins become even more unkillable... only in Azeroth
by Shtoink September 26, 2006
the things you see and can definatly know that the electronic parts of something are all fucked up
my radio doesnt work anymore because i saw sparks comming out of it
by shtoink November 08, 2006
according to sara silverman they are something gay couples braid
"will you braid my pubes forever?"
"of course i will!"
by shtoink September 10, 2007
what happens before an abortion
julie got pregnant, then got an abortion
by shtoink September 27, 2007

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