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the one TRUE way to know if someone really loves you. for to cook bacon with all its hot spitting grease with no protection at all, shows dedication and a real commitment to another person.
i woke up and knew April was my soul mate when i saw her cooking me some naked bacon in the morning.
by Shtoink April 16, 2007
a) a conquorer

b) Kevin Sorbo
Kevin Sorbo played Kull in Kull the Conquorer
by shtoink November 15, 2006
a type of peanut butter. maybe out of buisness as ive not seen it in the stores for a while, then again i dont buy much peanut butter
peter pan peanut butter is better than Jiffy and its cheaper
by shtoink November 10, 2006
there really is no spoon
the creepy bald kid in the Matrix had telekinesis
by shtoink November 05, 2006
a military term used to describe how fucked up a plane or helocopter is. commonly used by upstate new yorkers
that plane is so whored up it wont ever fly again
by Shtoink September 27, 2006
a weapon in the final fanasy series sometimes translated better as ultima weapon or ultimate weapon. in a few of the games its damage is based on how many hit points the character has at the time.
in FF3 for the SNES (6 for you losers who picked it up for PS) the Atma Weapon could be used by anyone and the more HP you had the BIGGER and more badass it was.
in FF7 Clouds best sword was the Ultimate weapon dropped by the ultimate weapon... and the more HP you had the more solid and baddass it was
by shtoink November 02, 2006
asian... duh... look at the cat
azncat aproves of this...
by Shtoink April 17, 2007

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