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4 definitions by Shroomiez

wanna be black indians thinking they are tough out of black river falls with there little pussy indian gangs

" in black river falls wisconsin they have many bindians "
by Shroomiez December 02, 2007
The most ballin native american basketball player he plays for black river falls wisconsin #50 he scored 32 points and got 5 steals and 7 rebounds in one game destroying Tomah 83 - 42 Good bear was the leading scoreer
" you did good in that game , Yeah I pulled out a Good Bear " " Wow kid you think your so good your NOTHING compared to Good Bear "
by Shroomiez December 02, 2007
cry baby screamer 4 life TO make fun of some one who is a CBS ( cry baby screamer ) yell it out in front of the person to make them cry again
" SHroomiez: CBS4L!!!!!! THE CBS: :( ;( wahhh wahhh wahhh ahhhhhhh!!! I hate you guys !!"
by Shroomiez December 02, 2007
BABY DICK FOR LIFE!! used when you know someone has a small wiener yell it in front of them to make them feel embarresed
You see your baby dick friend you yell BD4L !
by Shroomiez December 02, 2007