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A dolt who is a habitual bungler.
Hey look at Steve what a schlemiel. Lets see if he quits bungling.
by Shroby September 07, 2006
Twitchinese is an uncomprehendable english sub dialect spewed out by a substance abusing sketched out stressball with Turret's. It is usually void of consonents but full of fragmented sentences and slurring blended vowels. Usually ends up in a remark about fucking your mother.
Lasabaduhda, a ha ha ha, subadoo an all the people say, HA! -James Brown from Delerious. Don Vito from Viva La Bam speaks a form of Twitchinese. This elusive mammal is found in Kelowna B.C. and is more missunderstood than the Ogopogo.
by Shroby March 24, 2007
A Snorkel Dwarf is the act of inhaling gastric air from the partners asshole using a snorkel, can be done underwater also. this is not gender biased, mask not included. A kiss after for real romantics is an option.
"Hey baby I'm about to fart wrap those lips around my tube. pffft! ya my little snorkel dwarf! come kiss me, i like my own brand.
by Shroby September 07, 2006
The brown wing-like stain you get on your face from eating someones ass.
I tossed my girls salad last night and when I woke up I had a nasty pair of dirt wings!
by Shroby July 25, 2006

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