2 definitions by Shredward

noun - a term of endearment, meaning (roughly) a friendly Bavarian fuck(er), originating in the Bavarian expression for a Bavarian ('Batzi'), and the quasi-homophonic Hochdeutsch (High German) expression for a fucker ('Bumser'); generally used to express irritation at some kind of behavior of a friendly Bavarian fucker ...
e.g., "Hey Batzi, is it time for a little Bumsi?" or "Batzi Bumsi proposed a night of Anglo-American footie at Andechser. The fare there is said to be batziscrumptious and bumsilicious."
by Shredward July 27, 2010
noun - a thong, originating in the Greek "scat" and copter" with the eliding 'o' (as in Jack o Lantern); meaning literally 'shit cutter', i.e, for the tendency of thongs to divide turdlets in two ...
e.g., "Holy shit, my little Greek beotchie, did you see the scatocopter on that most pure Hellenic bootay ?!?
by Shredward July 26, 2010

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