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The feeling of regret that ultimately comes over oneself when he or she sends a text message and instantly wishes they had said something else.
An extreme example, because I cannot think of a decent one>>>

Text: Hey honey, I am all lubed up and ready for us to *Removed* later tonight.

"damn I meant to say how was your day"
(he has Texter's Remorse)
by ShreddedDreamz August 14, 2008
The feeling that ultimately overcomes oneself upon sending a text message and either; writing the wrong thing, sending it to the wrong person, or forgetting something, knowing that you cannot now take it back. Usually ends in grief that you now have to send more messages to take back your original or add to it.

Occurrences range from the subtle to the major that may alter the conversation.
text: hey rachael ill be there around 7

(received)text: who the hell is rachael!?

text: oh sorry honey its uhh no one.

^He has texter's remorse^
by ShreddedDreamz January 28, 2009
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